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Hi-Fi? · I gath­er that on stage to­day, Mr. Jobs freely flung about the word “audiophile” while pitch­ing the new iPod Hi-Fi. Wel­l, I’m one of those: wrote for the mags, have gear from ob­scure Bri­tish man­u­fac­tur­ers, turn off a fridge thir­ty feet away to lis­ten. I’ll look for­ward to giv­ing the Hi-Fi a lis­ten. It seems fan­tas­ti­cal­ly du­bi­ous that some­thing 43 cm wide, with a list­ed bass floor of 53Hz (the bot­tom string on a bass is 42Hz), weigh­ing 6.6kg, and cost­ing $349, could ac­tu­al­ly pro­duce “audiophile” sound. But you know, it’s not im­pos­si­ble; if they de­sign for truth and ac­cu­ra­cy as op­posed to fake-bass thump and scary vol­ume, it could turn out to be pret­ty use­ful. In which case, it’d be a com­plete waste to play your av­er­age iTunes-store-sourced lo-rez lossy-compressed MP3 through it. But you can get au­dio­phile sound out of your iPod, and for quite a bit less than $349. Go out and buy one of the good in-ear head­phones from Ety­motics or one of their com­peti­tors (I use the Shure 3C) and, most im­por­tant of al­l, get your mu­sic off CDs and use loss­less com­pres­sion. The D/A in an iPod is re­al­ly not bad at al­l; if you send all of the mu­sic through it and play it through first-class trans­duc­er­s, you’ll be hap­py. (By the way, is it just me or is this thing butt-ugly?)
On the EFF, Email, and Syndication · Paul Hoffman’s The fu­ture of some email may not use email is a short but closely-argued piece which is fair­ly harsh to both AOL and the EFF, and says smart things about email and syn­di­ca­tion. Worth a read.
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