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Olympics Out · I sure enjoyed them; ski-ing and bobsledding and, well, anything run against the clock gets old pretty fast, but the hockey and curling and speed-skating are good entertainment, especially that short-track stuff. Our women hockey players were hot stuff; there was the cutest picture of big star Hayley Wickenheiser with her gold medal looped around the neck of her little kid; how come you never see pictures of the men like that? I thought the opening and closing ceremonies both made excellent TV, even though the over-wrought Renaissance costume-drama bits really didn’t do much for me. I thought the short Vancouver segment at the closing hit the spot OK; there are probably a hundred million people now who think Canada is native elders, circus acrobats, and Avril Lavigne. You could do worse, I suppose. But you have to hand it to Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan, a quadriplegic, who pulled off a nice extended wave of the big Olympic flag with some deft wheelchair rotations. Watch for me in the crowd in 2010.
Storytelling · Recently, <a href='http://pomosprachspielen.blogspot.com/'>Postmodern Sass</a> wrote <a href='http://pomosprachspielen.blogspot.com/2006/02/ich-bin-kein-blogger.html'>Ich bin kein Blogger</a>, calling out an argument that there is no such thing as blogging. I think the evidence is against her, but then again, Sass herself has been doing something with the form that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Her blog is filled with extended, interlinked, multi-part stories; nothing new about that. But every time she posts a story, she goes back to the previous episode and updates it to add an “in the next chapter...” link. Latch onto a few of the stories in her <a href='http://pomosprachspielen.blogspot.com/2005_09_01_pomosprachspielen_archive.html'>Year One Archives</a> and see how they run backward and forward. I think this is a good idea and quite a few of the multi-part blog narratives out there, including some of my own series, would have benefited from richer linkage.
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