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RBD: Bitplanes and Mexican Pop · As another side-effect of the recent software rejigger, I now have accurate information about which ongoing fragments are actually getting looked at by humans. One of them, these days, is RGB Planes, from May 2004, a harmless expertise in bit-banging which actually produced some rather pleasing pictures. It turns out that one of those pictures was named rbd.png (have a look, it’s pretty) and it also turns out that RBD, a band out of Mexico, is hot stuff these days. The band members are also telenovela stars and hence look good in pictures; a Google Image Search for “RBD” produces lots of pictures of them, and my bitplane. Every day, a couple of hundred of the people who do that search are taking the time to click it. If you’re one of them, ¡Hola! You couldn’t make this stuff up.
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