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DRM News · A week without some DRM fightback is like a week without sunshine, which we’ve just had seven or eight of here in Vancouver, so let’s load up and blaze away. First, Simon Phipps has a really first-rate rant; he starts by building a really good metaphor on the Paris and Nürnberg subway systems, and goes from there. Second, grounds for hope: this EFF report from Washington covers what happens when the lawmakers actually encounter DRM themselves. Let me put it this way: the timeframe available to the DRM banditos to get their abusive laws passed is growing shorter and shorter.
Western Alienation · [Canadians-only post; others can move right along.] So, now that we have a Conservative government and a Prime Minister from Alberta, we can do away with this crap where the Toronto-Montréal hockey game is in high-def but the Edmonton-Vancouver game is in POFT (plain old fuzzy TV), right?
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