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5 ✭ ♫ Mondays · The idea came from JWZ in late 2005: why not rate all the mu­sic in your juke­box? If your juke­box is iTunes, you cre­ate an “unrated” smart-playlist con­tain­ing all the tunes with no stars, then you set up the Par­ty Shuf­fle to draw from it, then you rate them as they go by ex­cept when you’re not lis­ten­ing, and af­ter a few month­s, you have them all rat­ed. I haven’t got them all rat­ed, but I have quite a few la­beled ✭✭✭✭✭, which means “a tune that in some way gives me as much plea­sure as mu­sic can.” I care a lot about (and am rea­son­ably lit­er­ate about) mu­sic, so I de­cid­ed I to share some of this five-star stuff with the world. I’ll try to post some­thing most Mon­days. [Does the ti­tle look bro­ken? Here’s why (Up­dat­ed 2006/01/30).] ...
5✭♫: BWV 131 · I think I should start with J.S. Bach, since we have a spe­cial re­la­tion­ship. BWV 131 is one of his can­tatas, based on Aus der Tiefen rufe ich, Her­r, zu dir (from Psalm 130), com­posed in 1707, and if you buy it you’ll like it. (“5✭♫” se­ries in­tro­duc­tion here; with an ex­pla­na­tion of why the ti­tle may look bro­ken.) ...
Election Day · I vot­ed ear­ly this morn­ing; we’ve been liv­ing in this neigh­bor­hood long enough that I rec­og­nized some peo­ple over at the pol­l, hung out and chat­ted for a bit. It felt good. I think that what’s hap­pen­ing to­day here in Cana­da high­lights the sin­gle es­sen­tial thing about democ­ra­cy; I wrote about this al­most three years ago, but it’s worth say­ing again: I don’t par­tic­u­lar­ly trust “the people” to pick the right poli­cies or even to pick the right lead­er­s. I do, how­ev­er trust them to de­tect the con­di­tion that the gov­ern­ment has been bad and needs to be turfed. Which we, to­day, are ap­par­ent­ly the pro­cess of do­ing. Frankly, I think it would be OK to pick the next gov­ern­ment by ran­dom se­lec­tion, and we prob­a­bly wouldn’t do that much worse than the cur­rent elec­toral crap-shoot. The im­por­tant thing—the on­ly thing that re­al­ly mat­ters—is that we re­tain the right to throw ’em out in a peace­ful and or­der­ly fash­ion, at our sole dis­cre­tion and for any rea­son. There are a lot of peo­ple in the world with­out that right. It’s the one that all the oth­ers flow from.
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