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Surprising the Eye · What hap­pened was, I was speak­ing at a con­fer­ence, shar­ing the stage with the Chair­man of the SEC (by video) and (in the flesh) the SEC’s CIO and the FDIC’s Deputy CIO. No point­ers be­cause it de­serves se­ri­ous cov­er­age. For the oc­ca­sion, I (ob­vi­ous­ly) wore my best custom-made Ital­ian suit (grey) and an understated-but-strong tie (most­ly blue), along with my dap­per new Bailey’s fe­do­ra. Then I took off for two heavy-geek meet­ings at Sun cam­pus­es and a vis­it to Tech­no­rati. When I pulled in­to the Sun park­ing lot, I thought about pulling the tie off and the jeans on but de­cid­ed it would do ’em good to see a geek in a suit, and I have to say I got as many blank-faced WTF-is-this looks as any­one could wan­t. But then, at the end of all my meet­ings, while I was trudg­ing down a SoMa street to my alarmingly-huge Avis van ($20 in gas for a day go­ing up & down Route 101; dear Amer­i­ca, something’s wrong), I saw some­thing re­al­ly alarm­ing ...
Sunbeams: Fallen Eucalypt · Back in 2004 when we were just get­ting blog­ging go­ing at Sun, I had this Sun­beams se­ries, where I high­light­ed in­ter­est­ing sun­blog post­s. Just now, I had a few brows­er tabs I was think­ing of writ­ing about, and no­ticed that four of them qual­i­fied, thus this re­vival. Item: mod­_d­trace; there’ve been times I would have paid big mon­ey for some­thing like this. Item: Neu­ter­ing WinXP to make it safe. Item: a med­ley of sausage. Item: John­nyL has a re­al­ly bad day (il­lus­trat­ed). Yow.
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