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Photo RSS, Sort Of · Apple’s lat­est soft­ware bun­dle wraps RSS to­geth­er with photo-publishing and they call it “Photocasting”. Rea­son­able enough. Dave Win­er and Kevin Yank have point­ed out that there are some re­al prob­lems with the RSS. So Mark Pil­grim did a deep-dive and it’s not just bad, it’s spec­tac­u­lar­ly bad. To quote Mark: To sum up, the “photocasting” fea­ture cen­ters around a sin­gle un­doc­u­ment­ed ex­ten­sion el­e­ment in a names­pace that doesn’t need to be de­clared. iPho­to 6 doesn’t un­der­stand the first thing about HTTP, the first thing about XML, or the first thing about RSS. It ig­nores fea­tures of HTTP that Netscape 4 sup­port­ed in 1996, and mis-implements fea­tures of XML that Mi­crosoft got right in 1997. It ig­nores 95% of RSS and Atom and gets most of the re­main­ing 5% wrong. This is re­al­ly hard to un­der­stand. [Up­date: The mob howl­ing at Ap­ple may have been a bit over-excited; check out Sam Ruby’s care­ful and bal­anced look at the sit­u­a­tion, in­clud­ing the follow-up com­ments. And I apol­o­gize for leap­ing to con­clu­sion­s; those with painful knowl­edge of the his­to­ry of syn­di­ca­tion pol­i­tics will per­haps un­der­stand why, when the peo­ple list­ed at the top of this en­try are all say­ing the same thing, one might as­sume that it’s prob­a­bly true.]
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