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Top Posts · BlogPulse says that my lit­tle It’s Not Danger­ous squib was the twen­ti­eth most pop­u­lar blog post of 2005. That’s nice, but I tossed that off in about fif­teen min­utes in a flash of ir­ri­ta­tion at the wave of mo­ron­ic “fired-for-blogging” sto­ries. I sup­pose it mat­ters that it got trans­lat­ed. Stil­l, it’s lightweight. Want some­thing more sub­stan­tial? A few days lat­er, I wrote On the Ab­sence of Women, put my heart and hours of my time in­to it, then it sank like a stone, hard­ly a rip­ple. Or, go back to that BlogPulse list—interestingly, quite a few of the links are gone already—and for some­thing with ac­tu­al meat on it, check out #6 for an emo­tion­al wrench, #10 for a life lesson, or #25 for a wicked­ly good laugh.
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