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Christmas Eve · Three pic­tures and a fa­mous sto­ry ...
Spooks, Redux · Four days ago, I wrote What the Spooks Know, hy­poth­e­siz­ing that the NSA has been lis­ten­ing to more or less ev­ery­thing and then do­ing da­ta min­ing. Two follow-ups are in or­der. First, I was right. That is, if the New York Times is to be trust­ed. On the oth­er hand, in my piece I re­port­ed about the stu­dent who got vis­it­ed by the Feds for hav­ing tak­en the Lit­tle Red Book out of the li­brary. That re­port­ing re­lied on pro­fes­sion­al jour­nal­ists (al­beit some­what less au­gust than the Times), and it it was 100% bo­gus. So, first: yes, they are watch­ing you. Se­cond: don’t be­lieve ev­ery­thing you read, here or in the press.
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