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UCI · What hap­pened was, the new cat went in for that lit­tle op­er­a­tion to en­sure that he will be the Last of the Mar­lowes, and the vet of­fered us the op­tion of ei­ther the ear-tattoo or implanted-microchip for per­ma­nent iden­ti­fi­ca­tion, rec­om­mend­ing the mi­crochip as more re­li­able (tat­toos fade). This Mi­crochip is I gath­er some sort of RFID tech­nol­o­gy, and as of now, Mar­lowe has a per­ma­nent unique iden­ti­fier. I feel a new URI scheme com­ing on: just call lit­tle Mar­lowe pet:­cat:982009102637565. My head is buzzing: Res­ource Des­crip­tion of Feli­nes... POAF... cat se­man­tic­s! The fu­ture await­s. [Up­date: It’s not that easy; I should have known, as I’ve of­ten quot­ed Phil Karlton’s wise say­ing “There are on­ly two hard things in Com­put­er Science: cache in­val­i­da­tion and nam­ing things”. In­clud­ing pets. (Thanks to Joe Pal­las for the link.)]
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