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Dell, LDAP, IP Dandruff · I was look­ing at Neil Wilson’s Sun T2000 vs Dell 6850: LDAP AuthRate, a straight­for­ward Dell-vs.-Niagara LDAP bench­mark write-up, and two un­re­lat­ed but in­ter­est­ing things came to mind. First, this piece suf­fers from ma­jor IP dan­druf­f; is it re­al­ly nec­es­sary for the text iden­ti­fy­ing the CPUs to read “Intel® Xeon® EM64T” and “UltraSPARC® T1 with CoolThreads™ technology”? I know about de­fend­ing your trade­marks and so on, but this is im­pos­ing vi­su­al pain on read­er­s, and that can’t be a good thing. Se­cond point: here we have yet an­oth­er ex­am­ple of one of our peo­ple beat­ing up Del­l. In my time here, I haven’t no­ticed an or­ga­nized Dell-dissing cam­paign, but I have no­ticed per­va­sive or­gan­ic loathing for this one com­peti­tor all over the com­pa­ny, end to end. I mean, we com­pete with IBM and HP and Mi­crosoft and so on, but there’s a whole dif­fer­ent emo­tion­al lev­el around Del­l. My best guess is that it’s a cul­tur­al thing; Dell is do­ing well in this busi­ness with­out seem­ing to ac­tu­al­ly like com­put­ers very much. And one of the first things you no­tice if you work here is that peo­ple re­al­ly care about com­put­ers for their own sake; al­most ev­ery­one would be a tin­ker­er or hob­by­ist or spare-time hack­er if they couldn’t get paid for what they’re do­ing. I don’t think ei­ther Sun or Dell are go­ing away any time soon, so we can ex­pect the fun to con­tin­ue.
My Wikipedia Policy · Scoble pub­lished his, and these days, I think hav­ing a pol­i­cy is a good idea. Un­like Scoble, I have edit­ed my en­try, in my case with a very spe­cif­ic goal. Both Scoble’s en­try and mine are la­beled as stub­s, which I think is sil­ly. I sug­gest­ed that we de-stub mine, and no less a per­son than Wikipedia god­dess An­gela Beesley laughed po­lite­ly at me, say­ing it didn’t even have my birth-date and so on. So I filled in the ba­sic bio and now it’s plen­ty long and I’m even­tu­al­ly go­ing to run out of pa­tience and de-stub it my­self. Hey Rob, you want me to de-stub you too? Why don’t you put in your birth-date and cit­i­zen­ship and oth­er ba­sics first? The oth­er thing I do, and I rec­om­mend that ev­ery­one else with an en­try do, is get a Wikipedia ac­count and put your en­try on your watch­list, so that if some­one starts de­fac­ing, you’ll no­tice. Wikipedia doesn’t pro­vide feeds on watch­list­s, but I think they should, it would im­prove the ef­fi­cien­cy of error-correction. I see Petrik de Heus has al­ready hand­craft­ed a watch­list feed gen­er­a­tor in Python. [Up­date: Thanks to AdamJa­cobMiller and Pa­triceN­eff for clean­ing up my ar­ti­cle and de-stubbing it. Scoble’s still a stub though.]
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