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Discipline? · Hav­ing re­cent­ly agreed with Ni­cholas Carr on search eco­nomic­s, I’d now like to dis­agree with him on the sub­ject of my em­ploy­er. Carr is ob­vi­ous­ly a smart guy, but his re­cent Sun and the da­ta cen­ter melt­down seems baf­fling­ly sim­plis­tic. He’s com­plain­ing, it would ap­pear, that we’re do­ing too many things: we give Dell a hard time (yep), we holler that eco-responsibility is good busi­ness (yep), we ship what we claim is the fastest Web-server CPU on the plan­et (yep), we fo­cus on vol­ume (yep), we let any­one try our soft­ware for free (yep), we seem to be hav­ing fun (“pod duel”—yep). Hey, I’m with Carr on one item, I don’t want to go any­where near “Web 2.0”, but as for the rest... be­cause we ship fast chip­s, we shouldn’t wor­ry about vol­ume? Be­cause we think Dell is los­ing fo­cus, we shouldn’t push the free-software idea? And so on. This is a big com­pa­ny. We’re work­ing on a lot of things. Is this per­haps nos­tal­gia for a sim­pler era in which com­pa­nies had one sim­ple mes­sage at all times and spoke it with one voice? I don’t think the world in gen­er­al or the IT world in par­tic­u­lar are like that; there are a lot of prob­lems and a lot of op­por­tu­ni­ties and we have the scale to ad­dress a bunch of them. Any­how, Carr left out Mi­crosoft in­ter­op­er­a­tion and grid com­put­ing and new pric­ing mod­els and and ob­serv­abil­i­ty and lots of oth­er good stuff we’re work­ing on. Right now is not the time to be do­ing less.
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