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Old Chinatown · This morning took us down to old Chinatown on a shopping mission. We don’t live that far away but it’d been a while; I’d forgotten its cheerful grubby intensity, and you can get some bargains. With a Cantonese-food lament ...
Sidetrack’s Back · Anyone who bought one of the new since-October PowerBooks and who uses SideTrack will have noticed that it stopped working. They’ve fixed that; which gives me an excuse to recommend it again to everyone. Macs now offer two-finger scrolling as opposed to Sidetrack’s side-of-the-pad scrolling; strictly a matter of taste. But SideTrack lets you remap the trackpad button. If you use tap-to-click and tap-and-hold-to-drag, which I recommend, then with SideTrack you can remap the button to be right-click, and in effect the trackpad is now a three-button mouse.
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