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Roller Redux · Which is to say, Roller 2.0 has shipped. Lots of new stuff, and anything that can hold up under the blogs.sun.com load is pretty well battle-tested. I wonder if there are any other freely-downloadable blogging engines (WordPress maybe?) getting as much full-time dedicated attention.
Giving Thanks · This is the day where those of us around the world who are in the US-centric high tech business, but not Americans, give thanks for the fact that our phones are silent and for the certainty that no major high-tech announcements or initiatives will occur. Facetiousness aside, this is, as Dan Gillmor says, America’s best holiday. There’s a lot to be said for a major civic celebration that has nothing to do with theologically-significant births or deaths that happened millennia ago in the Middle East. Here’s a charming, very personal, small-scale narrative about remembering—and, implicitly, giving thanks.
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