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NetBeans Progress · I just shifted to the Beta 2, which is nice because I’d been running the nightlies to get around an irritating little bug, and that’s kind of living dangerously. Herewith a progress report, a practical warning about a CVS gotcha, and a predictable gripe. If you’re interested in this stuff I’ve <a href='/ongoing/What/Technology/Coding/Java/'>written about it lots</a>. <i>[Update: Dave Johnson offers some <a href='http://rollerweblogger.org/page/roller/20051118'>slightly-tougher love</a>.]</i> ...
Atlanta Abstracts · I was going to call this “XML Abstracts” because the reason we were in Atlanta was the XML 2005 conference, which came off pretty well and which has been sufficiently reported elsewhere. I’ll write up my <cite>Why not to invent a new XML language</cite> as a big piece here some day. But instead, here are a couple of pretty pictures of not much at all from Atlanta, plus an O’Hare interloper ...
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