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NetBeans Progress · I just shift­ed to the Be­ta 2, which is nice be­cause I’d been run­ning the nightlies to get around an ir­ri­tat­ing lit­tle bug, and that’s kind of liv­ing dan­ger­ous­ly. Here­with a progress re­port, a prac­ti­cal warn­ing about a CVS gotcha, and a pre­dictable gripe. If you’re in­ter­est­ed in this stuff I’ve writ­ten about it lots. [Up­date: Dave John­son of­fers some slightly-tougher love.] ...
Atlanta Abstracts · I was go­ing to call this “XML Abstracts” be­cause the rea­son we were in At­lanta was the XML 2005 con­fer­ence, which came off pret­ty well and which has been suf­fi­cient­ly re­port­ed else­where. I’ll write up my Why not to in­vent a new XML lan­guage as a big piece here some day. But in­stead, here are a cou­ple of pret­ty pic­tures of not much at all from At­lanta, plus an O’Hare in­ter­lop­er ...
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