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Northern Tunes · Since I don’t commute, I’m not really in the target market for podcasting. In fact, I only listen to one consistently: CBC Radio 3. It’s an hour a week of Canadian pop music from people I’ve usually never heard of, and most of it’s really good, and hey, it’s my tax dollars paying for this; but that’s OK, the rest of the world can listen too.
Niagaras and Hummers · As a long-time Green, this Eco-Responsibility announcement makes me pretty happy. Hummer Overfloweth is another news story that made me happy and also, I think, highlights a trend that augurs well for Niagara, not to mention civilization and sanity in general. No I’m not saying all of the competitive chips out there are like Hummers (well, except for some of the high-end Xeons). But the CoolThreads stuff is the Toyota Prius of the CPU world.
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