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Activa vs. Mrs. Lanteigne · That would be Mrs. Louisette Lan­teigne of Water­loo, On­t., who has an ex­treme­ly am­a­teur GeoCi­ties web­site that she’s been us­ing to post il­lus­trat­ed com­plaints about what look like dan­ger­ous, shod­dy, and en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly dam­ag­ing con­struc­tion prac­tices in her neigh­bor­hood, il­lus­trat­ed with her own pic­tures. Ac­ti­va, one of the de­vel­op­ers she’s been com­plain­ing about, has slapped her with a 2-million-dollar li­bel ac­tion. Plus, Slash­dot knocked her site off the air (Google cache here). The lit­i­ga­tion seems a lit­tle over the top to this non-lawyer; are there any good Waterloo-area geeks who’d like to fix her up with a higher-grade Web pres­ence?
You’re Being Watched · I just signed up for Google An­a­lyt­ics and in­stalled the code, but on­ly on the home page, which many (most?) reg­u­lar read­ers nev­er see. Among oth­er things, it down­loads a 17K (!) chunk of JavaScrip­t. I’ll re­port back on whether it does any­thing use­ful, and if so, will con­sid­er de­ploy­ing it on more pages. I cur­rent­ly have a pret­ty rich set of Perl scripts that tell me a lot of use­ful stuff, but there’s cer­tain­ly more to know. I don’t think they claim to do any­thing to track the peo­ple who read this via RSS/A­tom, which means that it will be­come less use­ful with time un­til they ad­dress that, which I’m not sure is pos­si­ble. I write this be­cause my more para­noid read­ers (and there’s no doubt about it, they are out to get you) will prob­a­bly ob­ject to hav­ing Google track what they read, so now is the time to start cook­ing up Analytics-blocking GreaseMon­key script­s, or equiv­a­len­t. [OK, it’s work­ing now, I was fooled by the fact that it’s bro­ken in Sa­far­i. So I re­pub­lished the whole site with An­a­lyt­ics turned on, and I’ll pub­lish the pret­ty graphs next Sun­day af­ter it’s had a week to run.]
Polamalu · The kid and I were watch­ing Sun­day night foot­bal­l, Steel­ers and Brown­s. He & I have had a soft spot for Pitts­burgh since last year, prob­a­bly just be­cause they’re fun to watch. For ex­am­ple, Troy Po­la­malu made a ter­rif­ic tack­le and the kid said: “When he goes fast and he bumps in­to some­body, they fall down right away.” Yep. Then Char­lie Batch im­pro­vised that no-time-to-think touch­down at the end of the half—with a bro­ken hand! And as I was typ­ing this, they pulled off that ridicu­lous show­boat piece, double-reverse to Ran­dle El to the strato­sphere to Ward to the end zone, 51 yards lat­er. Oh my good­ness. Cleveland’s Dil­fer and Droughns are fun, too; but they’re up against it tonight.
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