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2,469 Thanks · I just stuck my head into my ongoing-related email folder to look something up, and I noticed a couple of things. So far, there are 2,469 messages there, going back to February 2003. Which is substantially in excess of one per ongoing fragment. For all these, thank you, they have enriched my life. The second thing is that only about two-thirds of them are marked “replied-to”, and that’s not very polite, is it? A small handful of those are offensive, or people I choose not to deal with; a few more are pieces of an extended dialogue that required no answer. But most of the unreplied-to are people who wrote when I was just real busy, or sent me a note saying “look at this”, and whatever it was languished in a browser tab, maybe for days, till I got around to looking, and then forgot the connection. So, to anyone who’s written me and not heard back, sorry ’bout that, and I do appreciate the notes.
Emacs OS Xplosion · OS X has been with us for a few years now, and Emacs has been coming along slowly and surely. We must have hit some sort of a tipping point, and there are a whole lot of people working on the problem; the result is that life is getting better and better for the Emacs tribe. This piece opens with a brief sermon on why, if you’re not already using Emacs, you might want to check it out; and then surveys the state of play and the multiple interesting emacses that are out there ...
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