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Blogapps on the Air · Dave John­son tells us this morn­ing that his ex­cel­lent Blo­gapps project is fi­nal­ly on the air over at Java.net. If you want to un­der­stand all this tech­nol­o­gy, here’s a great big wide deep pool of work­ing ex­am­ples.
Bosworth in ACM · I rec­om­mend that ev­ery­one go read Learn­ing From the Web, a sub­stan­tial es­say by Adam Bos­worth, in the lat­est ACM Queue. It doesn’t say any­thing new that Adam hasn’t been telling ev­ery­one for the last cou­ple of years, but it’s nice to have a canon­i­cal ver­sion of his mes­sage writ­ten down some­where, for the world to point to and learn from.
More Dots · “Please con­sid­er us­ing a sep­a­ra­tor such as · or ¶ be­tween your ti­tle and main post bodies.” wrote Si­mon Grif­fee (nice-looking page!) (he’s look­ing for work), whom I’ve nev­er met, out of the blue, apro­pos of noth­ing. I tried it and liked it. Thanks, Si­mon.
CMT Rumbles in the Distance · The par­ty line on our Ni­a­gara tech­nol­o­gy con­tin­ues to be “sometime late this year or ear­ly next year”. I’ve writ­ten lots on the con­cur­ren­cy is­sues that ar­rive along with Ni­a­gara (and ev­ery oth­er chip de­sign­er is head­ing down the same mul­ti­thread­ed path); if you want more, check out CMT is com­ing: Is your ap­pli­ca­tion ready? by Richard McDougal­l, with tons of point­ers to big, se­ri­ous pieces on the sub­jec­t, in­clud­ing one by Kun­le Oloko­tun, the man be­hind Ni­a­gara.
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