· Naughties
· · 2005
· · · October
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Red Berry Leaves · In our gar­den, there is noth­ing more in­tense than the col­or of the blue­ber­ry leaves come au­tum­n ...
WS-Stardate 2005.10 · “How’s the WS-* field strength, Mr. Spock?”
“Steady at 783; sub-optimal, but manageable.”
“My in­tu­ition tells me something’s wrong.”
“All right, I’ll run a deep scan, but...”
“Captain! I’m get­ting a weird read­ing from three specs in the Se­cu­ri­ty sec­tor; it looks like...” [A weird shaft of bril­liant pur­ple light stabs through the bridge, fry­ing the red-shirted en­sign where he sit­s.]
“Mr. Spock! What was that?”
“Checking, Cap­tain; those WS-warbirds are Se­cureCon­ver­sa­tion, Trust, and Se­cu­ri­tyPol­i­cy. They’ve been there for years, but some­how they’re dif­fer­en­t... aaaah. They’re de­ploy­ing an OASIS-TC stan­dard­iza­tion field!”
“But that’s a friend­ly tac­tic, Spock.”
“No, Cap­tain, they’re mod­u­lat­ing the field with a locked-down char­ter de­vice; the TC has to just ap­prove them the way they are.”
“That’s fiendish!”
“And ex­treme­ly il­log­i­cal, Captain.”
[Sud­den­ly the bridge rocks and the lights flick­er.] “Engineering! Scot­ty! What’s happening?”
“Cap’n, I din­na un­der­stand it, they’re growing!”
“How can that be... Spock?”
“He’s right, Cap­tain, they’re us­ing the superseded-spec maneuver.”
“Scotty, do we have the bandwidth?”
“I dun­no Cap’n, SecureConversation’s been su­per­seded from 17 to 31 pages, and Trust from 41 to 68.”
“My God, they’re grow­ing like can­cer. Scot­ty, I need more bandwidth!”
“We’re doin’ our best, Cap’n... Aaaaaaaaagh!
“Report, Scotty!”
“Cap’n, cap’n, it’s Se­cu­ri­tyPol­i­cy, curse it... lurk­ing at 13 pages since 2002 with­out a peep, but there’s a su­per­sede; it’s up to 90. Cap’n... she can­na take any more. She’s gonna blow!

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