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Hunger Barrier Weakened? · If this BBC news re­port is true, and not just po­lit­i­cal pos­tur­ing, it could be huge, huge, news. A cou­ple of years ago I wrote: “The world’s rich­est coun­tries are de­lib­er­ate­ly, and as a mat­ter of pol­i­cy, pro­mot­ing pover­ty and star­va­tion in the world’s poor­est countries.” That’s still true, but if the US and EU are will­ing to slash the sub­si­dies, the world could stum­ble in­to a win-win-win sce­nar­i­o.
More GNU/Solaris Rumblings · I’ve been ha­rass­ing peo­ple at Sun fair­ly re­lent­less­ly that we need there to be a GNU/So­laris dis­tro, and soon­er rather than lat­er, but so far I haven’t con­vinced any VPs to as­sign a pha­lanx of en­gi­neers to the pro­jec­t. But hey, the com­mu­ni­ty may just go ahead and do it; there’s a screen­shot, even. Hm­m.... he men­tions www.gnu­so­lar­is.org and in­deed there’s such a do­main, but noth­ing there yet. Stay tuned.
NetBeans CVS · The NetBeans guys have been do­ing a lot of chest-thumping about how great the CVS sup­port is in the be­ta. I’d nev­er tried it, but I want­ed to check in a bunch of code to­day. I’ve been do­ing command-line check-in from my Mac to my servers for a long time and it’s Just Worked. On­ly I hadn’t done any CVSing for a cou­ple of months and fur­ther­more I need­ed to cre­ate a whole new top-level pro­jec­t. Here’s a con­fes­sion: I’ve nev­er ac­tu­al­ly set up or ad­min­is­tered a CVS, some­one else has al­ready done that and I’m ba­si­cal­ly just a sta­tus/d­if­f/up­date/­com­mit script kid­die. But how hard could it be? After a half-hour I was get­ting ir­ri­tat­ed be­cause I just couldn’t fig­ure out the (doubt­less ob­vi­ous) in­can­ta­tion to get my code in. So I went back to the NetBeans be­ta and said “import this project” and it asked a cou­ple of sen­si­ble ques­tions and then it all Just Worked. Then I made some mi­nor changes and did some check-ins to make sure it wasn’t just smoke & mir­rors. I’m al­ways a lit­tle ner­vous when soft­ware au­to­mates away some­thing that I’ll prob­a­bly have to know how to do some­day (“pay no at­ten­tion to the cvs -d be­hind the curtain”), but so far it’s re­al­ly smooth.
Oracle vs. Niagara · Last week I was in Ed­mon­ton, and spent some time talk­ing to the lo­cal Sun of­fice and some cus­tomer­s. One of the things we talked about was our “through­put com­put­ing” prod­uct line, which is com­ing, uh I be­lieve the par­ty line is “late this year or ear­ly next year”. I like to talk about this stuff be­cause in the Web-centric world where I live, a highly-parallel low-wattage ma­chine hits a bunch of sweet spots at on­ce. (Al­so, it presents in­ter­est­ing soft­ware prob­lems.) Out there in the field, they seem to like it too; then on two sep­a­rate oc­ca­sions I heard “But we wouldn’t be able to use that.” I asked why, and they ex­plained that Oracle’s id­i­ot­ic per-core pric­ing for­mu­la would make it pro­hibitive­ly ex­pen­sive. Hey Or­a­cle, Sun isn’t the on­ly com­pa­ny that’s go­ing to be ship­ping highly-parallel com­put­er­s, and if there’s a tech­nol­o­gy out there that meets a lot of cus­tomer need­s, and you’re stand­ing in the way of them get­ting it, all you’re do­ing is mov­ing the FYO point clos­er and closer.
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