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OpenOffice Mac Sanity · A week ago, in my OpenOf­fice.org con­fer­ence re­port, I wrote that the X11 Mac Port was be­ing aban­doned in fa­vor of a Co­coa ver­sion. Every bloody Mac site in the world picked this up as though it were a ma­jor news sto­ry, and now I hear from Pa­trick Luby, chief main­tain­er of NeoOf­fice/J, that as a re­sult, the peo­ple who’ve been sup­port­ing his work are threat­en­ing to cut him loose. This is mad­ness; at the mo­men­t, Neo/J is the on­ly ac­tu­al ship­ping ver­sion of OpenOf­fice that you can run on a Mac with the menus in the right place, with drag-&-drop and fonts that Just Work, and so on. This is go­ing to re­main the case for some time, be­cause the task of switch­ing over the cur­rent X11 ver­sion is go­ing to be huge, slow, and high-risk. (Pa­trick was al­so mad be­cause I said Neo/J was “behind”, and, with­out go­ing in­to de­tails of Ja­va and OO.o ver­sion­s, he’s got a point). So for the time be­ing, I’m go­ing to go on us­ing and sup­port­ing and prob­a­bly blog­ging about Neo/J, be­cause that’s all there is. And I still think that Ap­ple should take an in­ter­est in this work.
Blog Pricing · Tris­tan Louis has a nifty write-up on the AOL-Weblogs, Inc. deal. He works back­wards from the deal val­ue (re­ports range be­tween $25M and $40M) and pro-rates the val­ue of the var­i­ous blog prop­er­ties, us­ing re­port­ed Tech­no­rati links as a met­ric. An in­ter­est­ing num­ber that falls out is the val­ue of a sin­gle Tech­no­rati link, which ranges from $565 to $903. Hm­m­m, that would im­ply that the hum­ble blog you are now pe­rus­ing is worth be­tween $2.5M and $4.1M. Which is just sil­ly, and it’s not for sale any­how.
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