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Koper-Capodistria · It’s in Slovenia, and its Slovene name is Koper, so why the hyphenation? Well, Capodistria is the Italian version, and since the city is jammed right up against a corner of Italy and there are lots of Italians there, and it’s officially bilingual, the combined form feels about right. It’s a nice enough place, and I took lots of pictures ...
Operation Eden · Did you think the Katrina story was going away? I don’t think so. Amazing stuff.
6,950,791 · In the interests of full disclosure, since I have often fulminated in this space about the gravely-disordered software-patent landscape, I should state that I recently learned that, well, I now have one: Method for describing objects in a virtual space. The application was a condition of receiving venture-capital funding for my last startup, Antarctica Systems. As I review the patent, two things strike me: First, how hard it is to read through the lines of legal jargon to see what the essential technical point is. And second, how bad the drafting is; I spot lots of egregious typos and misspellings that apparently nobody caught. These must have crept in during the process because the submission was clean. Hmph.
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