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Flower Mandalas · The name alone should be enough to compel excitement and support; the Flower Mandalas Project (via Botany Photo of the Day) is looking for contributions from you; not of money but of words, and maybe not even your own words. Check it out, and also the botany-photo background write-up is worth reading.
InvokeDynamic · Hey, remember way last December, we had a bunch of dynamic-language experts in to visit the Java team here at Sun. That was just one little step in the process of making the Java platform a little friendlier to other, non-Java-like, languages. Today I see another step, Gilad Bracha writing about a proposed new JVM bytecode, invokedynamic, designed to lower one of the nastier barriers faced by people staging dynamically-typed languages on the JVM. Gilad’s style is awfully prickly, but the narrative is engaging.
NetBeans 5 Beta · Late on Tuesday the 27th, the NetBeans guys I was talking to in Prague had to break for a go/no-go meeting on the Beta. I said “Mind if I come along? I’ll just listen.” Of course when they went around announcing the people at the table and on the phone (NetBeans is very distributed) someone piped up “Tim Bray’s here and he’s gonna blog every word.” I won’t, but I do have some entertaining stories about the visit and the launch ...
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