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Check out Jon  · Jon Udell is an existence proof of the need for technology writers who are technically competent but don’t have a non-writing day job; in an ideal world this is how all tech journalists would be. First this great big honkin’ survey piece on Web Services; I’ve been feeling guilty about not covering that territory more, but now I don’t have to because Jon is. Summary: There is hope. Then, his excellent interview with Bill Gates, in which Gates is informal, informative and intelligent, as opposed to Ballmer’s party-line bloviation.
Check out Lauren · Dr. Lauren Wood [Disclosure: my wife] has a few recent things worth checking out. Item: An Okanagan wine-tour narrative (think Napa or Sonoma, only cheaper and prettier). Item: A guest-blog by Sally Faulkner on the The Perfect G&T, a subject that matters. And finally, a LazyWeb cri-de-coeur, Why Does Windows/XP hate us?.
How To Shoot Flowers · The admirable Botany Photo of the Day sometimes takes a side-trip into photo technique (as for example in today’s remarkable shot). A few weeks ago they pointed to this lesson in lighting technique from Nature Photographers Online Magazine; I suspect anyone who’s snuck up on a flower with a camera will find it interesting. Oddly though, I found that in that photo sequence, I vastly preferred the first, unimproved, shot, with the sharpish shadows highlighting the petal textures. What do you think?
Millions · TextPattern, Movable Type have been doing Atom 1.0 for a while; now it’s time to welcome LiveJournal on board. We’re getting into some big numbers here. More to come.
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