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Protocol Day One · It was a mild­ly his­toric day; a few of us got to­geth­er on IRC and tried to in­ter­op­er­ate some ear­ly Atom Pub­lish­ing Pro­to­col im­ple­men­ta­tion­s. The on­ly serv­er on the air was from Dave John­son. We got two dif­fer­ent clients to talk to it; one was a Big Se­cret Pro­ject from a Big Fa­mous Com­pa­ny based on all sorts of slick in­fras­truc­ture. Mine was curl. I man­aged to in­tro­spect the server, list the en­tries, cre­ate a new en­try, up­date it, and delete it. I screwed up the mes­sag­ing a few times, and Dave’s serv­er on­ly blew chunks about half of them. Those who know what curl is are prob­a­bly snick­er­ing now. But I think the fact that you can de­bug a non­triv­ial ap­pli­ca­tion with curl -X -i -d -H is a sig­nif­i­cant weapon in the quiver of RESTa­far­i­an­s. Let’s see ya do that with your SOAP + WSDL + WS-Policy + WS-Addressing + WS-MetadataExchange + WS-ReliableMessaging ap­p. Ac­tu­al­ly, the big take-away isn’t that, it’s that the Atom pro­to­col is sim­ple and easy to im­ple­ment and ro­bust. The world needs some­thing like this. Later: Hey, more Atom Pro­to­col stuff from Joe Gre­go­rio over at XML.­com.
Have Mercy on Me · It was peer-group pres­sure that did it. For my sin­s, I am now the coach of Dou­glas Park Soc­cer Under-7 team #3, now known as... hold on, we’ll get there. The need was des­per­ate but I was up-front, said I’m there most Satur­days but mid-week might find me in Slove­nia or Tokyo, so they found me a co-coach and now I’m stuck. In my per­son­al mem­o­ry, coach­es are large per­son­ages with boom­ing voic­es and a gen­er­al air of hearti­ness, which I shall en­deav­or to em­u­late; a whis­tle and clip­board are on my shop­ping list. So, dur­ing the season-opening cer­e­monies I con­vened the team, whom my mathematically-literate read­er­ship will have de­duced are all six, to choose a name. They were se­ri­ous­ly in­to it, and giv­en the choice be­tween ad­dress­ing sev­er­al thou­sand from a keynote stage or eight ea­ger six-year-olds, it’s not even close. I asked them if they want­ed a fun­ny name (Turnip­s, Po­ta­toes, Car­rot­s), a fierce name (Lion­s, Tiger­s, Dragon­s), or a Van­cou­ver name (Griz­zlies, Or­cas, Ea­gles). It’s a mixed league but our team is all-boy, so they they didn’t hes­i­tate, they want­ed a fierce name. One skin­ny lit­tle guy, all shorts and shoul­derblades, looked at me sin­cere­ly and said “How about ‘Stormtroopers’?”, and I was gob­s­macked for a mo­ment till I re­al­ized this is the video gen­er­a­tion and he meant Im­pe­ri­al stormtroop­ers not Sturmabteilung. “Uh, no.” I said, and then The Dragons car­ried the day. No, I don’t know what I’m get­ting in­to.
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