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Google Talk · Yep, it works with iChat. Yep, I’m signed on (my gmail ad­dress should not be hard to de­duce). Yep, XMPP as a pro­to­col prob­a­bly has the legs to beat any oth­er sin­gle can­di­date. Yep, it’s dumb that the chat ser­vices don’t in­ter­op­er­ate. Nope, I don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly trust G’s benevolance, but yep, it’s good not to have all my eggs in an AOL bas­ket. [Up­date: fur­ther thought­s.]. Item: Uh, any­one can run a Jab­ber server, is this news sto­ry no more than “Google runs one too?” Item: Ars Tech­ni­ca is dis­mis­sive. Item: Hey, Ap­ple; why do I have to have two bud­dy list­s, one for “classic” iChat and one for Jab­ber? Item: All these names I don’t know are ping­ing me, want­ing to add me as bud­dies. For the first few, I ac­cept­ed, then sent a mes­sage “Do I know you?” So far, nobody’s an­swered, so I re­moved them. [Up­date again: In­ter­op­er­a­tion be­tween iChat and any non-Mac GoogleJab­ber client is shaky-to-absent. I tried to use Nitro, a na­tive Jab­ber clien­t, and it went­up in smoke.]
Saskatchewan · While ev­ery­one else was off at those foo­bar camp­s, we spent the week­end (and will spend the week) in Saskatchewan, hang­ing out at the kid’s grandmothers’ places and most­ly still work­ing, but in in a dif­fer­ent kind of to­pog­ra­phy. Saskatchewan is a good place for tak­ing pic­tures ...
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