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Accountability? · For those who haven’t been watch­ing, there’s been a nasty lit­tle dust-up be­tween Rob Scoble and The Regis­ter, an on­line technology-review pub­li­ca­tion. The Reg ac­cused Mi­crosoft, in an IE be­ta, of some anti-competitive nas­ties (to be fair, of ex­act­ly the kind that Mi­crosoft has done be­fore). Scoble hot­ly de­nied it, say­ing the prob­lem was rare, he hadn’t seen it and, when it oc­curred, was a bug not a strat­e­gy. He had plausible-sounding sup­port from the IE team. The Reg re­turned to the at­tack, specif­i­cal­ly al­leg­ing that Scoble had ex­pe­ri­enced the prob­lem and was do­ing a cover-up, and pub­lished an email with Scoble’s name on the “From:” line as ev­i­dence. Scoble ap­par­ent­ly al­leges the email is a fake, and has been sling­ing words like “libel” around. Since then, the Regis­ter has been silen­t, which is re­al­ly trou­bling; they need to af­firm that they stand by their sto­ry, or back down. Either Scoble was ly­ing, or he wasn’t; ei­ther the Regis­ter was off the rails or it wasn’t. I’m not link­ing to the in­di­vid­u­al pieces, be­cause this hasn’t any­thing to do with the Reg’s ini­tial al­le­ga­tion. It’s about find­ing out who’s ly­ing, and if there are any penal­ties for it.
HiveMind · There’s this project I’m in­volved with where they’ve built a pro­to­type with HiveMind, and off the top, it looks like a very handy pack­age of use­ful stuff, check it out. Mind you, I’m some­what un­en­thused about all the mantra-chanting around In­ver­sion of Con­trol and Depen­den­cy In­jec­tion, yeah I know that Martin Fowler can write thousand-word trea­tis­es on it, but it seems much ado about some very ba­sic O-O tech­niques. Maybe I’m miss­ing some­thing; I’ve al­ways had a bit of an impedance mis­match with the Pat­terns Peo­ple.
Copyright Submission Madness · The U.S. Li­brary of Congress Copy­right Of­fice is ask­ing a ques­tion: “whether per­sons fil­ing the electronic-only pre­reg­is­tra­tion form pre­scribed by the Copy­right Of­fice will ex­pe­ri­ence dif­fi­cul­ties if it is nec­es­sary to use Microsoft's In­ter­net Ex­plor­er web brows­er in or­der to pre­reg­is­ter a work”. No, I’m not mak­ing this up. Com­ments are called for, and have to be sent (five copies!) by snail mail; the ad­dress is be­hind the link above. Thanks to Beth Mack­nik for the heads-up.
More Dynamic Java · Check out this Java-to-Javascript “Hello World” from A. Sun­darara­jan. While I al­ways knew that there was of­fi­cial “scripting language” sup­port com­ing in the form of JSR 223, I saw it for the first time last week too; and it looks like it’s ac­tu­al­ly go­ing to be gener­i­cal­ly use­ful in a lot of dif­fer­ent places, and not just with Javascript ei­ther.
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