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White Stripes, Ouch · If you’re think­ing of catch­ing the band on this tour, you might want to think again. We saw them this evening and the sound was catas­troph­ic, abom­inable. Now, you don’t go to see WS ex­pect­ing crys­talline pu­ri­ty, but oc­ca­sion­al­ly be­ing able to hear the vo­cals would be nice. A few of the big gui­tar lines came through, but that’s about al­l, and lots of those were lost too. And if you are go­ing, don’t even con­sid­er tak­ing a seat high up in the bal­cony, be­cause there’s a zillion-watt light be­hind Meg, sil­hou­et­ting her in a way that’s prob­a­bly nice­ly dra­mat­ic down fron­t, but makes the whole stage van­ish in a painful daz­zle for the top fifty rows or so. Pret­ty well the en­tire pop­u­la­tion of our sec­tion went to stand in aisles out of the glare, and the se­cu­ri­ty guards who came to clear the aisles were sent pack­ing with an ear­ful. Lots of song­writ­ing and charis­ma, but a waste of mon­ey live. [Up­date: Sev­er­al peo­ple write to tell me that they’ve seen the Stripes re­cent­ly and the sound wasn’t bad; so maybe it was just the hall (the Or­pheum in Van­cou­ver). From my point of view, they took my mon­ey and gave me an un­lis­ten­able show; but your mileage may vary.]
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