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Happy Ending · I was pret­ty up­set by El­liotte Rusty Harold’s flame the oth­er day—not up­set at El­liot­te, but at the le­gal barbed-wire some­one had set up in front of NetBean­s. I, among oth­er­s, rat­tled some cages, and then to­day this cau­tion­ary tale showed up on Tim Boudreau’s blog. As I read it, I got mad­der and mad­der and mad­der, be­cause it seemed like Tim was on the wrong side. I’ve worked with some of the lawyers at Sun and been very im­pressed, so I as­sumed that this is­sue was just an over­sight to be cor­rect­ed; but it sound­ed like Tim was say­ing “if you hold your head side­ways and squin­t, you can see that black re­al­ly is white”. I was get­ting ready to do a lit­tle flam­ing of my own, then I got to the end of Tim’s piece, and it turns out they’re go­ing to do the right thing. So whether black is (le­gal­ly) white or not, no­body else is go­ing to have to turn their head side­ways and squin­t.
Rotated Floral Heart Bullet · No re­al­ly, it’s a Uni­code char­ac­ter, U+2767 if you must know. I found it here (warn­ing; won’t dis­play prop­er­ly in most browser­s) via Zeld­man. I made a re­al­ly big pic­ture; read on for a look ...
Wet College Shakespeare Flowers · After a rain­storm in the Fellows’ Gar­den at Wad­ham Col­lege, Ox­ford ...
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