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Feeling Sad? · Or, if you’re not, have you no­ticed peo­ple around you act­ing kind of gloomy? Par­tic­u­lar­ly young peo­ple? Have you re­cent­ly found a pic­ture of an at­trac­tive English­wom­an in your book­ish child’s room, with “Murdering bitch!” or “Ava­da Ke­davra to you too!” scrawled on it? Which is to say, the lat­est Har­ry Pot­ter, well, it’s not cheer­ful at al­l. That aw­ful English­wom­an re­marked in­sou­ciant­ly that she was think­ing of start­ing on the se­quel next year... in the in­ter­im, she is a ma­jor Bringer of Un­hap­pi­ness to Chil­dren of all ages, and I think she should get a move on. And if she can’t en­gi­neer a hap­py end­ing I urge the House of Com­mons to im­pose a re­al­ly fright­ful pun­ish­men­t. Some­thing me­dieval, in­volv­ing dank mossy dun­geons and rusty iron im­ple­ments.
PR Week · My The New Public Re­la­tions piece has pro­voked a ton of re­al­ly in­ter­est­ing com­men­tary and I will do a follow-up, but I think I’ll wait till af­ter this Thurs­day, when I’m join­ing in a We­b­cast for PR Week, billed as Guide to cor­po­rate blog­ging. They tell me that they’ll have hun­dreds of peo­ple there; my goal is to learn more from them than they learn from me.
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