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Sunlit Criminals · I just don’t un­der­stand how this can be. I got yet an­oth­er phish­ing spam claim­ing to be from Ama­zon. So peeked at the re­al URL and it was point­ing to “Amazo-check.com”, which lame­ly at­tempts to sort of look like Ama­zon, among oth­er things us­ing its lo­go. Thir­ty seconds’ in­ves­ti­ga­tion re­veals that the do­main is reg­is­tered by Marin Lopez, Calle Al­bar­tos 22, Madrid. Mapquest sug­gests that that should be Calle Al­ba­tros, which is in the same postal code. The site is reg­is­tered and host­ed by ar­sys.es in Spain. Either Señor Lopez is a crim­i­nal and should be ar­rest­ed, or his do­main has been hi­jacked (I doubt it, giv­en the name) and he should ei­ther take it down or his ISP should, or he’s a fic­tion, but some­one paid ar­sys for the reg­is­tra­tion and they’re the crim­i­nal. What am I miss­ing?
The Generics Debate · We’re now well in­to our first Gener­ic year in Java-land, and the ju­ry is still pret­ty well out. For ex­am­ple, Ken Arnold at­tacks and Tor Nor­bye re­buts. Check out the com­ments on Ken’s piece for some fresh, in­tel­li­gent con­tri­bu­tion­s. As for my­self, I’ve just gener­i­cized a bunch of in­fras­truc­ture code, and the trade-off was pret­ty sim­ple: I got rid of a ton of cast­s, and the users of my APIs will get rid of even more. On the oth­er hand, I picked up a few compile-time warnings—yes, I do want an ar­ray like MyClass<K>[] dammit! (And I un­der­stand that the warn­ings are cor­rec­t, and that where pre­vi­ous­ly I had an un-flagged po­ten­tial ClassCastEx­cep­tion, now I can’t claim that I didn’t know.) I sup­pose there’s an­oth­er ben­e­fit in that my APIs’ users won’t be able to put a Bi­cy­cle in a con­tain­er de­signed to hold in­stances of Fish; is that a big­gie? Per­son­al­ly, the com­pil­er warn­ings ir­ri­tate me more than the casts did, but if what Tor and some of Ken’s com­menters are say­ing is right, I should just suck it up, be­cause my users are ben­e­fit­ing.
Harmless Family Fun · First, you have three glass­es of wine with din­ner. Then, you look at some pic­tures that are kind of in­ter­est­ing but not re­al­ly up to scratch. Then, you go berserk with Pho­toShop ...
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