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648-14 · Those are the num­bers by which the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment smacked down the long-lived and wrong-headed at­tempt to adopt a USPTO-style tax on in­no­va­tion. Everyone’s al­ready re­port­ed this, but I will too, just be­cause it makes me hap­py to write this, but al­so be­cause there’s a take-away: Some­times pol­i­tics works. The patent vam­pires tried to sneak this one through the back room­s, and it was good old-fashioned lob­by­ing and pam­phle­teer­ing and evan­ge­liz­ing and hol­ler­ing that stopped them. I’m feel­ing re­fresh­ing­ly un-cynical.
Look This Way, Apple · Per Sam Ruby’s re­quest, this is an ap­peal for some­one who mat­ters at Ap­ple to please look here. Ob­vi­ous­ly, there are peo­ple at Ap­ple who un­der­stand the Net, but for the ones who seem not to, the ones who built the iTunes RSS, here’s how it work­s: The In­ter­net isn’t a thing. It’s an agree­men­t. A set of agree­ments ac­tu­al­ly, and when you go out and build soft­ware with­out try­ing to un­der­stand them, you’re dam­ag­ing the Net and you’re dam­ag­ing your own fu­ture. Be­cause and simple-minded and plat­i­tudi­nous as it sound­s, busi­ness works bet­ter when things work to­geth­er, and we have agree­ments in place to make things work to­geth­er, and we should use them.
WS-Reality at RouteOne · Last week at Ja­va One, Ashesh Badani, a Sun SOA mar­ket­ing per­son, want­ed to have lunch with me to talk about WS-*. He brought along T.N. Subra­ma­ni­am, Direc­tor of Tech­nol­o­gy for RouteOne, a car-loan ag­gre­ga­tor. (Sun loves RouteOne, they’re a ref­er­ence cus­tomer not on­ly for us but for SeeBeyond, which we’re in the pro­cess of ac­quir­ing). Any­how, nei­ther Ashesh nor Ashok Mollin, a Sun guy who’s been en­gaged at RouteOne, got a chance to say much, be­cause T.N. and I hit it off and had a good time talk­ing about Web Ser­vices. Which RouteOne are do­ing, big time and for big bucks and suc­cess­ful­ly. They are ex­act­ly the kind of peo­ple that those of us strug­gling in the WS-* morass ought to be look­ing to for lesson­s. This, I think, will be the first ev­er on­go­ing piece struc­tured as an in­ter­view; with T.N.’s help, I’ve tried to re­con­struct our con­ver­sa­tion at lunch. I think some con­clu­sions are ob­vi­ous, but I’ll leave them for you to draw ...
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