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648-14 · Those are the numbers by which the European Parliament smacked down the long-lived and wrong-headed attempt to adopt a USPTO-style tax on innovation. Everyone’s already reported this, but I will too, just because it makes me happy to write this, but also because there’s a take-away: Sometimes politics works. The patent vampires tried to sneak this one through the back rooms, and it was good old-fashioned lobbying and pamphleteering and evangelizing and hollering that stopped them. I’m feeling refreshingly un-cynical.
Look This Way, Apple · Per Sam Ruby’s request, this is an appeal for someone who matters at Apple to please look here. Obviously, there are people at Apple who understand the Net, but for the ones who seem not to, the ones who built the iTunes RSS, here’s how it works: The Internet isn’t a thing. It’s an agreement. A set of agreements actually, and when you go out and build software without trying to understand them, you’re damaging the Net and you’re damaging your own future. Because and simple-minded and platitudinous as it sounds, business works better when things work together, and we have agreements in place to make things work together, and we should use them.
WS-Reality at RouteOne · Last week at Java One, Ashesh Badani, a Sun SOA marketing person, wanted to have lunch with me to talk about WS-*. He brought along T.N. Subramaniam, Director of Technology for RouteOne, a car-loan aggregator. (Sun loves RouteOne, they’re a reference customer not only for us but for SeeBeyond, which we’re in the process of acquiring). Anyhow, neither Ashesh nor Ashok Mollin, a Sun guy who’s been engaged at RouteOne, got a chance to say much, because T.N. and I hit it off and had a good time talking about Web Services. Which RouteOne are doing, big time and for big bucks and successfully. They are exactly the kind of people that those of us struggling in the WS-* morass ought to be looking to for lessons. This, I think, will be the first ever ongoing piece structured as an interview; with T.N.’s help, I’ve tried to reconstruct our conversation at lunch. I think some conclusions are obvious, but I’ll leave them for you to draw ...
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