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Carlyle on REST & O-O · You wouldn’t think there’d be much new to say on the impedance mismatch between the O-O & REST world-views, but Benjamin Carlyle has a very good piece on the subject, with lots of well-thought-out little side-trips. The blog’s called Sound advice and a glance suggests that there’s lots more there worth reading.
Dumb InfoWorld Ads · There’s this ugly guy with wiry black hair peering moronically over the top of a computer and he’s staring at me out of my news reader and I don’t like it. [Update: Argh! It gets worse.] [Update: The short-form “Teaser” feeds are back. Thanks InfoWorld!] ...
Kelowna Chutney · We took our friend Sally on a mini-vacation this long weekend, up to the Okanagan Valley, B.C.’s wine country, distinguished also by beaches, outdoor fun, beautiful mountainside views, and generally nature. Here are some tourist tips and a first photographic fruit ...
Long Weekend News · While most of North America was offline watching fireworks or whatever, the row of tabs across the top of my browser has been getting thicker and thicker with little news nuggets that I thought I ought to write about. Time to houseclean, so here are some interesting things you might have missed. Item: Eric Raymond says we don’t need the GPL any more. Item: Davanum Srinivas points out that OSS implementations of WS-Security may be impossible, foundering on the same rock that Sender-ID did. Item: The WaSP and Microsoft, sittin’ in a tree (and as Scoble notes, ice is observed forming in Hell). Item: Rico continues to pile up buzz.
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