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Carlyle on REST & O-O · You wouldn’t think there’d be much new to say on the impedance mis­match be­tween the O-O & REST world-views, but Ben­jamin Car­lyle has a very good piece on the sub­jec­t, with lots of well-thought-out lit­tle side-trips. The blog’s called Sound ad­vice and a glance sug­gests that there’s lots more there worth read­ing.
Dumb InfoWorld Ads · There’s this ug­ly guy with wiry black hair peer­ing mo­ron­i­cal­ly over the top of a com­put­er and he’s star­ing at me out of my news read­er and I don’t like it. [Up­date: Argh! It gets worse.] [Up­date: The short-form “Teaser” feeds are back. Thanks In­foWorld!] ...
Kelowna Chutney · We took our friend Sal­ly on a mini-vacation this long week­end, up to the Okana­gan Val­ley, B.C.’s wine coun­try, dis­tin­guished al­so by beach­es, out­door fun, beau­ti­ful moun­tain­side views, and gen­er­al­ly na­ture. Here are some tourist tips and a first pho­to­graph­ic fruit ...
Long Weekend News · While most of North Amer­i­ca was of­fline watch­ing fire­works or what­ev­er, the row of tabs across the top of my brows­er has been get­ting thick­er and thick­er with lit­tle news nuggets that I thought I ought to write about. Time to house­clean, so here are some in­ter­est­ing things you might have missed. Item: Eric Ray­mond says we don’t need the GPL any more. Item: Da­vanum Srini­vas points out that OSS im­ple­men­ta­tions of WS-Security may be im­pos­si­ble, founder­ing on the same rock that Sender-ID did. Item: The WaSP and Mi­crosoft, sittin’ in a tree (and as Scoble notes, ice is ob­served form­ing in Hel­l). Item: Ri­co con­tin­ues to pile up buz­z.
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