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Arms Reach · A friend had an open­ing in a gallery out in Deep Cove and it was my birth­day, so we drove out and went look­ing for din­ner af­ter. At the gallery, the jazz trio (com­bined age well over 200) played old-fashioned clar­inet tunes, so weird­ly slow that the fla­vor was more Twin Peaks than Ben­ny Good­man. Down at the end of the road the Arms Reach Bistro over­looks the cov­e, and I’d rec­om­mend it to any­one who doesn’t mind the trip. With two high-pressure jobs in the fam­i­ly we eat out once or twice most week­s: Ja­pane­se, Malaysian, In­done­sian, Thai, In­di­an, uh, can you spot a pat­tern? Very Van­cou­ver, but we re­al­ized that it had been a long time since we’d dined out à la round-eye. The carpac­cio ap­pe­tiz­er was very good and my chick­en penne with aioli was maybe the best dish I’ve eat­en this year. The room was nice, the view beau­ti­ful, they had a very fine lo­cal Pale Ale on tap, and the bill was rea­son­able. The jazz trio (com­bined age maybe 75) cov­ered Fred­dy Freeload­er with re­al grace, stretch­ing it out and even play­ing gen­tly out­side; what a nice evening.
Oceanspray, Creambush, Ironwood · Th­ese are all names for Holodis­cus dis­col­or; it’s a Pacific-Northwest na­tive and the last of the names is a trans­la­tion of what the abo­rig­i­nal peo­ple called them, ap­par­ent­ly the wood is hard enough to make knit­ting nee­dles and so on. It’s three years since we put it in, and the first year it’s flow­ered ...
Puzzling Search Study · I glanced at Tris­tan Louis’ Search Engine Com­par­i­son, think­ing it was in­ter­est­ing but not very use­ful. I was sur­prised to see a few oth­er blog­gers dis­cussing it as though it meant some­thing. The num­ber of pages that the var­i­ous en­gines claim to have in­dexed, and the num­ber they claim to re­turn for any search, re­al­ly don’t mean much. First of al­l, nobody’s got the time to look at more than a few dozen results—studies show that most peo­ple will nev­er look past the first page. Se­cond­ly, even if you want­ed to look at all the re­sult­s, the en­gines prob­a­bly couldn’t show them to you any­how. Third, what mat­ters is whether you get what you’re look­ing for. Al­most all the mod­ern en­gines do a pret­ty damn good job of get­ting you some­thing ap­pro­pri­ate and use­ful in the first hand­ful of re­sult­s. Who cares about the next mil­lion?
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