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On the Badness of MetaWeblog · Hen­ry Sto­ry has been strug­gling might­i­ly to turn Bloged from a week­end hack in­to a re­al blog­ging tool, be­cause near as I can tel­l, there isn’t such a thing that’s in Ja­va and works about the same ev­ery­where. This is good; what’s bad, as Hen­ry is find­ing out, is Me­taWe­blog; few APIs in my rec­ol­lec­tion have drawn such a unan­i­mous cho­rus of boos from im­ple­men­tors. Hen­ry lays the prob­lems out in gory de­tail. For­tu­nate­ly, we’re work­ing on the prob­lem.
Threads Redux · The June 12th On Threads piece got slash­dot­ted (twen­ty thou­sand hits for a 2,300 word hard-tech piece, not bad), which pro­voked re­al­ly in­ter­est­ing feed­back from (a­mong oth­er­s) David Da­gas­tine, Greg Wil­son, and Ben Holm, along with point­ers to some re­lat­ed work. All those point­ers are worth fol­low­ing, and some of the points are worth a lit­tle more dis­cus­sion ...
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