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The Java + Open Source Sweet Spot · Check out this piece from Tim O’Reilly. The O’Reilly peo­ple track sales trends in tech book­s, not just their own but the whole in­dus­try. They’re trans­par­ent about their method­ol­o­gy and in my opin­ion these num­bers are very sol­id and be­liev­able. Any­how, in this case, you need to read the nar­ra­tive that goes along with the pic­ture. The growth is be­ing driv­en by the OSS+Ja­va stuff: Spring, Strut­s, Lucene, and so on. Hey Tim, how about do­ing middle-aged eyes a fa­vor and mak­ing fu­ture ver­sions of the graph a lit­tle big­ger?
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