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On Apple and Intel · A zil­lion words have been writ­ten on this, but a few more won’t hurt. First of­f, I’m amused by the few brave souls writ­ing about the pric­ing, whether or not Ap­ple will spend less per In­tel chip than they were with IBM. You can safe­ly ig­nore them, be­cause it’s like this: there are a few Real­ly Big Se­crets that very few peo­ple and no jour­nal­ists know: one of them is how much box-builders like Ap­ple, HP, Del­l, and Sun pay chip-builders like In­tel, IBM, and AMD. I bet that when who­ev­er at Ap­ple sat down across the ta­ble from who­ev­er at In­tel the ne­go­ti­a­tion was com­pli­cat­ed and in­volved lots more than the per-chip cost. You know what I, per­son­al­ly and self­ish­ly, hope Steve asked for? First cut at those In­tel “Yonah” chips that ev­ery­one thinks are go­ing to be just the great­est thing, so I can get a faster lap­top than any­one. Se­cond point: I bet that some Ap­ple VIP has, as of to­day, got reg­u­lar­ly sched­uled meet­ings with an AMD VIP, be­cause the x86 com­pa­nies are now com­pet­ing for Apple’s busi­ness on a pret­ty lev­el play­ing field. Fi­nal­ly, I can’t leave this ter­ri­to­ry with­out a point­er to Paul Mur­phy, who as usu­al is point­ing in a dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion from ev­ery­one else, but who (al­so as usu­al) is worth read­ing.
Caynes’ Cairn · I’ve been asked why I keep point­ing to “that dude’s in­com­pre­hen­si­ble gibberish”, but hey, this is my blog. Any­how, vis­it Tim Caynes’ Lat­est and ei­ther read it or don’t, but do fol­low the link at the end to a re­al­ly re­mark­able pic­ture la­beled “cairn”.
Java Tiger Bites · I fi­nal­ly switched over to Ja­va 1.5 for my cod­ing work. Here­with a cou­ple of things I found mod­er­ate­ly sur­pris­ing. For Ja­va hounds on­ly ...
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