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Amnesty and the Sweeps · Every time there’s a TV Sweeps Week, when the Neilsen-rating re­sults come out there’s a loser, and the los­er al­ways grum­bles about how the method­ol­o­gy is bust­ed and they’re re­al­ly not do­ing that bad. Sim­i­lar­ly, when­ev­er Amnesty In­ter­na­tion­al points the fin­ger at some gov­ern­men­t, that gov­ern­ment makes like a los­ing TV net­work and whines that the pro­cess is bro­ken. Re­cent­ly, Amnesty had some pret­ty harsh things to say about the col­lat­er­al human-rights dam­age from the US “War on Terror”. Dick Cheney snarled pre­dictably and the right-wing bl­o­go­sphere is push­ing back might­i­ly: “AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL seems to have flushed its credibility...” and there are pages of out­rage based, not on the sub­stance of what Amnesty said, but on their temer­i­ty in com­par­ing Git­mo to a gu­lag; thus, thou­sands of words ex­plain­ing that the gu­lags were much, much worse; in­deed they were and that was dopey of Amnesty. But it’s just so to­tal­ly like how Cen­tral Amer­i­can dic­ta­tors used to say “But the Com­mu­nists are worse” and Com­mu­nist gov­ern­ments used to say “But the Apartheid racists are worse” and Apartheid racists used to say “But the black-ruled dic­ta­tor­ships are worse.” I’m not an Amer­i­can, so this is just a hint from a friend­ly neigh­bor: be­ing bet­ter than the gu­lags isn’t good enough. When your Neilsen rat­ings are bad, you need to run bet­ter shows, and when Amnesty gets on your case, you need to stop bru­tal­iz­ing peo­ple.
How To Make NetBeans Better · I had a rev­e­la­tion to­day: while I some­times work with a big screen, I nor­mal­ly leave NetBeans at the de­fault size for my lap­top screen. I try hard to keep meth­ods smal­l, so it’d nev­er oc­curred to me to hit the lit­tle green “maximize” but­ton. To­day, one of my (JXTA-wrangling) meth­ods kept grow­ing and grow­ing, and with­out think­ing I threw 2.3 mil­lion pix­els at the prob­lem. Holy cow... I’ve been cod­ing with one arm tied be­hind my back. Devel­op­ers ev­ery­where: get more pix­el­s. You need them, whether you know it or not.
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