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AdSense For Feeds, Say What? · I was going to investigate Google’s AdSense For Feeds, because I’m keenly interested in economic models around self-publishing. But take a second and follow that link, there are a couple of seriously weird things going on. [Update: Another triumph for the blogosphere.] ...
Claire · Today Claire Giordano has a nice piece on community-building, which is a real issue in these days of highly-distributed companies like Sun. If you’re not watching Claire, you probably should be; her fingerprints are all over Solaris’ Zones and SMF and Volume Manager, and she’s been the single most important person in making OpenSolaris a reality. Definitely one to keep an eye on. On top of which, she’s got a cool header graphic.
Sun, Cancer, and Corruption · At myway, a nicely-minimal news-aggregation site, I read Scientists Say Sunshine May Prevent Cancer, which is interesting for two reasons. As the parent of a kid who never goes outside un-greased, and with sun-related skin problems in the family, I care about this whole issue of the pros and cons of sunshine. But a few paragraphs in, the science-for-sale dimension starts screaming out from between the lines. It turns out that the research from the some of the people talking up the benefits of moderate sunshine is funded by the Indoor Tanning Association, while on the other side the Sun Safety Alliance (funded in part by Coppertone) is backing the research of the all-sun-is-bad party. Is there anything left that’s not for sale?
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