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No Solution · Our com­pa­ny vi­su­als are be­ing re­designed, see Martin Hardee’s write-up; looks good. But as a side-effect, I looked at our front page and it still con­tains four in­stances of that vile word “solution”, plus more in the menus, plus it in­fests the rest of the site like aphids on a rose-bush. Bah. Dear world, take it from me: at Sun we sell ac­tu­al re­al com­put­ers and net­works and con­sult­ing and in­fras­truc­ture ser­vices and soft­ware sub­scrip­tion­s; you can safe­ly ig­nore the marketing-speak. It’s not just us; here’s a quick high-tech home-page “solution” sur­vey, on­go­ing is all about quan­ti­ta­tive re­search: CA leads the pack with 9, SAP trail­ing with 7. BEA has 3, IBM, Mi­crosoft, Novel­l, and Or­a­cle all have 2, Adobe, well it’s hard to tel­l, 1½ vis­i­ble but lots more hid­ing in pop-ups and so on. In­tel, Cis­co, and HP have but one. Con­sumer plays like Ya­hoo and Google are hap­pi­ly “solution”-free. [Up­date: And I thought they were so clue­ful! It turns out that, de­pend­ing where you’re com­ing from, some ver­sions of Google’s front page have a link to “Business Solutions”; thanks for the point­er to Will Fitzger­ald.]
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