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Happy Commie Day · It’s May Day, and I see that some still car­ry on the old tra­di­tion­s. One of the skin­ny tat­tooed baris­tas where I get my morn­ing lat­te some­times wears this funky T-shirt with the ham­mer and sick­le lo­go; I doubt it’s ev­er crossed his mind that it might mean some­thing, but to me it does ...
Good TV · For any fans who haven’t al­ready, check out the ESPN Sun­day Night Base­ball of­fer­ing (no Web site, hm­m); it’s re­al­ly pret­ty good. The broad­cast is high-definition and well-produced too, with the screen chrome un­ob­tru­sive, in­for­ma­tive, and at­trac­tive. The broad­cast team—Jon Miller and Joe Mor­gan—is ex­cel­len­t; Mor­gan is maybe the best color-commentator cur­rent­ly work­ing, which is a grace­ful se­quel to hav­ing been the maybe the best play­er in the world for a while, thir­ty years back. For­tu­nate­ly, the cam­era on­ly vis­its the broad­cast booth once or twice per game; Jon and Joe have faces made for ra­dio. The “K-Zone” strike zone vi­su­al­iza­tion works sur­pris­ing­ly well, and the between-inning vis­its with the man­agers are han­dled in­tel­li­gent­ly and have a low­er cliché den­si­ty than you might ex­pec­t. The between-inning fea­tures where a rock band or a politi­cian talks about how much they love base­ball don’t do much for me; but ESPN is try­ing to fresh­en up a very old medi­um. Good on ’em.
Another 55’er · I see Dave Win­er is turn­ing 50; for a birth­day pre­sen­t, I added him to a pret­ty in­ter­est­ing club that I’m a mem­ber of too.
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