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TV and the Web · I had a hair­cut dur­ing the Pope’s fu­ner­al. My hair­dress­er knows me well enough to switch it away from Oprah or equiv­a­lent and over to CNN or equiv­a­lent when I’m in the chair, so I got to watch a half-hour of that cov­er­age. At one point they broke from the end­less suc­ces­sion of talk­ing heads and panoram­ic crowd shots to “visit with the bloggers”; they had two at­trac­tive young things propped up in front of flat-panels to tell us what the blog­gers were say­ing about the late Pope. I found it dis­turbing. To start with, An­drew Sul­li­van, one of the top ten most pop­u­lar blog­gers in the world, is a gay right-wing anguished-Catholic type (and in the un­like­ly event that his the­ol­o­gy is cor­rec­t, will spend a cou­ple mil­len­nia in Pur­ga­to­ry over some of his 9/11 com­men­tary, but that’s an­oth­er sto­ry); he was emit­ting mul­ti­ple in­tense, eru­dite, from-the-heart bul­letins on the Mean­ing of John Paul II ev­ery day. I’d al­so read a half-dozen re­al­ly chal­leng­ing pa­pa­cy pieces on a bunch of oth­er blogs; for ex­am­ple, what­ev­er you may think of JP2, he presid­ed over the possibly-terminal de­cline of his church in Western Europe, what does that mean? Did CNN cov­er any of those? They did not; they went to a half-dozen ap­par­ent­ly ran­dom se­lec­tions where the writ­ers were say­ing things along the lines of “I’m like so sad.” They were pret­ty well all from blogspot.­com. When the cam­era fo­cused in, you couldn’t read any­thing. There was one that was mild­ly in­ter­est­ing and they read off the ad­dress but some­thing went wrong be­cause when I went there, I found no Pope stuff. So am I a filthy anti-Long-Tail eli­tist be­cause I was dis­turbed by CNN’s ap­par­ent lack of con­cern for qual­i­ty and in­ten­si­ty?
The Wrath of Heaven · May it vis­it laryn­gi­tis, hal­i­to­sis and a se­vere stut­ter on those ven­dors who de­scribe disk drives, net­work router­s, print­er­s, com­put­er­s, or pret­ty well any­thing that con­tains sil­i­con and plugs in, as “solutions”. A disk drive is not a so­lu­tion dammit, it’s a disk drive. This is so freak­ing re­tard­ed, can there be a liv­ing hu­man be­ing who be­lieves any­one will be more will­ing to drop the $450 on their box be­cause it’s de­scribed as a “storage solution”? Bah.
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