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WS in BW · A month or two ago, there was a piece about Web Ser­vices by Jim Ker­stet­ter in Busi­ness Week, and it was pret­ty good but I dis­agreed with one or two of his premis­es, so I wrote to tell him so. He an­swered, say­ing “Want to write a view­point piece on the sub­ject for us?” So I did, it’s on­line here.
Brand on Cities · Over at the new O’Reilly Radar site, a won­der­ful piece by Ste­wart Brand, who re­mains one of my heroes.
It Should Be Easy to Do The Right Thing · I’m quot­ing Jon Udell, who is, as usu­al, right. Any­one think­ing of build­ing an ap­pli­ca­tion on the Web plat­form should take what Jon’s say­ing se­ri­ous­ly.
NetBeans 4.1 · Now on­line here. First im­pres­sions in­clud­ing com­plaints, and a blogging-policy co­nun­drum ...
Dumb Software Pricing · I see that IBM has de­cid­ed to treat dual-core chips as one for software-pricing pur­pos­es. Par­don me for go­ing all cor­po­rate here, but the whole thing is still mo­ron­ic. I have this naïve no­tion that cus­tomers ought to pay a price that’s pro­por­tion­al to the val­ue re­ceived. In the case of IT in­fras­truc­ture, this might have to do with the num­ber of peo­ple us­ing it, or it might have to do with the size and im­por­tance of the busi­ness prob­lem, but I guar­an­tee it to­tal­ly has noth­ing to do with the num­ber of com­pute el­e­ments you’re run­ning. Why do we let this crazi­ness con­tin­ue?
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