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IETF Last Call on the Atom Format · This is a mile­stone: the IETF Atom­pub Work­ing Group thinks we’re most­ly fin­ished with the Atom Syn­di­ca­tion For­mat, and our Area Direc­tor has put the draft out for last call IETF-wide. It’s not set in stone, the WG is chew­ing on a cou­ple of last lit­tle change pro­pos­als that might get con­sen­sus, and it’s quite like­ly that some of the smart IETFers will spot prob­lems and ask for changes. We think Atom does a rea­son­ably good job of co­a­lesc­ing all the years of ex­pe­ri­ence with all the RSSes, and I’m pret­ty con­vinced it will make a dif­fer­ence. We’ve tried to err on the side of omis­sion; there are lots of things that could have been added that weren’t. We on­ly felt con­fi­dent enough cov­er the ar­eas where there’s a lot of pri­or art and the ar­gu­ments are most­ly over. Any­how, Atom’s ex­ten­si­ble; I’m pret­ty sure the mar­ket is cre­ative enough to con­verge on good ex­ten­sions to ad­dress any im­por­tant things we left out. So please have a look ei­ther at the IETF ASCII or nice mod­ern HTML ver­sions of the draft, and see if you think we’ve missed any­thing.
Blogging Client Round-up · We’ve been fund­ing work on bloged, orig­i­nal­ly a Gosling week­end hack, and need­ed to check­point how it’s do­ing; so I went and tried out a bunch of blog­ging clients, with very mixed re­sult­s. So far I’ve test­ed ba­sic writing-in-the-browser, bloged, Ec­to, MarsEdit, and w.blog­gar. [Up­date: I’d mis­con­fig­ured Ec­to.] [Up­date again: I changed my mind and to­tal­ly rewrote the con­clu­sion; ain’t this medi­um won­der­ful?] ...
Sunfunny · When we launched this blog­ging thang, I hadn’t ac­tu­al­ly ex­pect­ed much en­ter­tain­ment val­ue. But when you get a cou­ple thou­sand smart peo­ple hold­ing forth, I guess on av­er­age some of them will turn out to be fun­ny. Re­cent ex­am­ples would in­clude any­thing Tim Caynes writes (and no, I have no idea what he’s talk­ing about ei­ther) and Jeff Kes­sel­man on Sex at IBM and Sun (noth­ing to do with sex, un­for­tu­nate­ly). But you re­al­ly got­ta re­spect some­one who can be fun­ny about RMI ex­cep­tions (well, most­ly the pic­ture).
What Blogs Are Made For · John Gru­ber ruth­less­ly de­con­structs the Mac­robe marketing-speak. There’s a word for what John’s do­ing here: Truth.
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