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In Science, Beauty · This is de­light­ful: the UBC Botan­i­cal Garden’s Botany Pho­to of the Day, to which I’ve sub­scribed. My fa­vorites are the first en­try and, from this week, the Ake­bia (we have one at home­).
Bay Area Dining and Death · Din­ner on suc­ces­sive nights in the Ci­ty and the Val­ley: Mon­day with Der­vala at Fringale, Tues­day with Lau­ren at La Stra­da in Pa­lo Al­to. The dif­fer­ences are in­struc­tive, and the dis­tance can be dead­ly ...
Talking to Yahoo · I had a good talk yes­ter­day with Jeff Wein­er, Se­nior VP of Search and Mar­ket­place over at Ya­hoo! I shouldn’t pass on what Jeff said; any­how if he wants to talk to the world, he has a blog. But I can talk about what I said: first, Y! should be watch­ing the Atom pro­to­col work like a hawk, be­cause they have two choic­es: ei­ther they try to beat ev­ery­one else out there and build the world’s great­est au­thor­ing tool, or they get be­hind a stan­dard­ized pro­to­col and let the cell­phone guys and PDA peo­ple and let ev­ery­one com­pete to do it. Se­cond, we were talk­ing about im­prov­ing search in gen­er­al; near as I can tel­l, there isn’t a huge qual­i­ty gap be­tween Y!, Google, and MSN, and it’s hard to be­lieve that any of them can sus­tain­ably get much ahead of the rest. On the oth­er hand, I think Y! has a good chance to take on Google in the ad­ver­tis­ing space, both AdSense and AdWord­s, and maybe win. They know a whole lot of stuff about a whole lot of peo­ple; for ex­am­ple, they know my stock-market port­fo­lio and what weath­er fore­casts and maps I look up; they prob­a­bly have more in­for­ma­tion about more in­di­vid­u­als than any­one else in the busi­ness. On be­half of all those ad­ver­tis­ing sell­ers and buy­er­s: it would sure be nice to see some com­pe­ti­tion. Maybe even some trans­paren­cy.
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