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Why We Need Atom Now · We’re get­ting re­al, re­al close to send­ing the Atom data-format draft off for gen­er­al IETF re­view; the rest of the pro­cess can’t hap­pen too fast for me, be­cause there are two big prob­lems that bite me ev­ery day that Atom will give the en­gi­neers the tools to fix ...
GNU/Solaris? · So­laris en­gi­neer Eric Boutili­er has been run­ning a se­ries en­ti­tled “Unix from Scratch”. What’s at the end of the road Eric’s head­ing down is “GNU/Solaris”; a dis­tro that does what Lin­ux does, but has the So­laris ker­nel and man­age­ment good­ies; see his posts here and here. If I un­der­stand things cor­rect­ly, once OpenSo­laris ship­s, any­one with the en­er­gy and skill can just go and build that dis­tro, no per­mis­sions re­quired. I think Sun should do it, and then sup­port it. Ob­vi­ous­ly, we can’t weak­en So­laris Clas­sic be­cause our cus­tomers de­pend on it and fur­ther­more we make mon­ey sup­port­ing it; but GNU/So­laris would be a darn nice pro­duc­t, and a nice new line of busi­ness.
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