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Chinese Standing Up · When the Chi­nese Civ­il War end­ed in 1949, Mao Ze­dong fa­mous­ly said “China has stood up.” While it took an­oth­er forty years to get start­ed, the re­cent eco­nom­ic ex­plo­sion has been a world-changer. But that sto­ry isn’t over; there’s a re­mark­able piece in the NY Times this morn­ing out­lin­ing how the Chi­nese are do­ing a bit of stand­ing up on their own, eco­nom­i­cal­ly. They’re walk­ing away from those “cheap labour” man­u­fac­tur­ing jobs that have served as one of the main eco­nom­ic drivers of the last cou­ple of decades. At the end of the day, cheap labour doesn’t stay cheap. And while there are prob­a­bly some more “cheap labour” places for busi­ness­es to move—India, Africa—the con­se­quences for Chi­na have to be pro­found. And I can see the day com­ing, maybe not in my life­time but not that much fur­ther out, when the whole no­tion of mov­ing busi­ness­es around the world so you can pay peo­ple less has be­come, fi­nal­ly, self-defeating. What hap­pens then?
Coding and Climbing · It had nev­er oc­curred to me that writ­ing soft­ware is like climb­ing Mt. Fu­ji, but Stephan Grell makes it all clear.
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