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Aggregator Market Share · In re­ply to one of my Brows­er Mar­ket Share post­ings, Ian Brown wrote to point out that with an in­creas­ing por­tion of the traf­fic go­ing through news­read­er­s, it might be in­ter­est­ing to do some break­down on that. So I did. [Up­dat­ed to say the re­sults should be tak­en with a large grain of salt.] ...
Reverse Journalism · Yes­ter­day I had a long talk about the search com­pe­ti­tion be­tween Google and MSN. That com­pe­ti­tion is in­ter­est­ing, but so was the con­ver­sa­tion, and what I can say about it. I was talk­ing to a journo from a big-name mag that you see on ev­ery news­stand. He’d just been briefed by one of the search ti­tans and want­ed some in­sight from an in­de­pen­dent search ex­pert. The brief­ing was along the lines of “We’re gonna kill ’em dead be­cause of X, Y, and Z” and he want­ed my take on X, Y, and Z. Here’s the prob­lem: X, Y, and Z are re­al in­ter­est­ing, and in par­tic­u­lar it’s in­ter­est­ing that the ven­dor who’d briefed him thought they were im­por­tan­t. But you know, I don’t think I can eth­i­cal­ly say who the re­porter was and who briefed him and what X, Y, and Z are, even though these are things that the ven­dor was try­ing to get pub­lished; be­cause I didn’t think to ask the journo. Hm­m, looks like I cov­ered this ground once al­ready, in Au­gust of 2003.
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