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Big Unicode! · Via jwz, a mon­ster Uni­code chart about 6 by 12 feet. I want one!
Danese · So, Danese Coop­er is mov­ing on. There are lots of places you can go read about how Danese is smart and well-connected and en­er­get­ic and gen­er­al­ly a good per­son (it’s all true) so I don’t need to pile on. But I have to ad­mit that there’s some­thing pre­oc­cu­py­ing me: What the dick­ens is In­tel cook­ing up?
Offgoing · The box that hosts this cy­ber­home­stead is be­ing moved from some­where to some­where else in Eastern Stan­dard Time start­ing at 11PM Sun­day March 20th. They say it’ll be up well be­fore all us Norteam­er­i­canos get to work... we’ll see.
Sudden Sun · The weather’s been ter­ri­ble pret­ty well all mon­th, we’ve hard­ly seen the sun and the temperature’s hard­ly been over 10°C. At six-ish this Equinox af­ter­noon, I glanced out the front win­dow and gasped aloud; a trail­ing shaft of side­ways sun sliced through the driz­zle, some of the vi­su­als were sur­pris­ing. Then my in­tegri­ty slipped ...
On the Absence of Women · Here’s the prob­lem: in some places, there aren’t enough wom­en around. For ex­am­ple, high-traction blogs, news­pa­per op-ed pages, and the com­put­er busi­ness. It’s ob­vi­ous and it’s been ob­vi­ous for a long time, but has pro­voked a flur­ry of pret­ty in­ter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tion this last cou­ple of week­s. This is pro­voked not on­ly by the re­cent traf­fic but by a trip to the bath­room on a re­cent evening at the op­er­a ...
The Wrath of Heaven · May it af­flict a pox on the ox­en and ass­es of those pub­lic ser­vice agen­cies who of­fer a use­ful on­line re­source and change its ad­dress ev­ery six months for no dis­cernible rea­son.
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